Instructions not listed in Principles of Operation or your yellow/pink/blue/white reference card

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  • MVS assist
  • CP assist
  • VS1 assist
  • SIE assist
  • Move Page
  • OSA Express (QDIO)
  • Sysplex Timer
  • Crypto
  • Service Processor
  • Expanded Storage




    Opcode Mnemonic Description
    0103 ? ?
    0105 CMSG Coupling Facility I/O
    0106 TMSG Coupling Facility I/O
    0108 TMPS Coupling Facility
    0109 CMPS Coupling Facility
    81 TRCD ?
    B216 SSYN Old TPF RPQ- Set TOD clock Syncronisation selection register
    B216 SETR Set ETR attachment controls
    B217 STSYN Old TPF RPQ- Store TOD clock Syncronisation selection register
    B217 STETR Store ETR attachment controls
    B220 SERVC Service Processor Call
    B22E PGIN Page in XSTORE
    B22F PGOUT Page out XSTORE
    B23D STZP Store Zone Parameter
    B23E SZP Set Zone Parameter
    B23F TPZI Test Pending Zone Interrupt
    B253 ? ?
    B259 IESBE Invalidate Expanded Storage Block Entry
    B25B PG??? Asyncronous Page Facility
    B25C PG??? Asyncronous Page Facility
    B25F CHSC Channel Information (Channel Subsystem Call)
    B260 ? Coupling Facility
    B261 ? Coupling Facility
    B262 ? Lock Page
    B263 CMPSC Compression
    B264 ? Coupling Facility
    B265 ? Coupling Facility
    B266 ? Coupling Facility
    B267 ? Coupling Facility
    B268 ? Define Vector (Coupling Facility)
    B269 ? Crypto
    B26A ? Crypto
    B26B ? Crypto
    B26C ? Crypto
    B26D ? Crypto
    B26E ? Crypto
    B26F ? Crypto
    B270 SPCS Set Primary Clock Selection
    B271 STPCS Store Primary Clock Selection
    B272 ? Coupling Facility
    B274 SIGA Signal Adapter
    B275 ? ?
    B276 CANC? Cancel I/O Facility
    B27A ? Coupling Facility
    B27B ? Coupling Facility
    B27C ? Coupling Facility
    B27E ? Coupling Facility
    B27F ? Coupling Facility
    B2A4 ? Move Channel Buffer Data Multiple (Coupling Facility)
    B2A8 ? ?
    B2A9 ? ?
    B2AA ? Dequeue CAM
    B2AB ? Process CAM queue
    B2AC ? Enqueue CAM
    B2F0 IUCV Inter User Communication Vehicle (VM)
    (This instruction gives an operation exception in problem state)
    B2F6 ? Coupling Facility

    MVS assist opcodes (370 & XA)

    Opcode Description
    B242 Add FRR
    E502 Fix Page
    E503 SVC Assist
    E504 Obtain Local Lock
    E505 Release Local Lock
    E506 Obtain CMS Lock
    E507 Release CMS Lock
    E508 SVC Interrupt
    E509 Trace Program Interrupt
    E50A Trace SRB Dispatch
    E50B Trace I/O Interrupt
    E50C Trace TCB Dispatch
    E50D Trace SVC Return

    Program interrupt code X'26' is part of the page fault assist function.  Page fault  assist will try to recaim pages from the available frame queue and get fresh (new) pages for newly getmained space.  Interruption code X'26' will occur when the pagefault assist has made changes to control blocks, and finds that it cannot continue, nor rollback.  MVS will need to 'fix' the situation.

    CP assist opcodes (370)

    Opcode Description
    E600 Get free storage space
    E601 Return free storage space
    E602 Lock a page
    E603 Unlock a page
    E604 Decode CCW
    E605 Free CCW storage
    E606 Lock Virtual I/O control blocks
    E607 Dispatch - Full function
    E608 Test page status
    E609 Test page status and lock
    E60A Invalidate segment table
    E60B Invalidate page table
    E60C Decode first CCW
    E60D Dispatch - Main entry
    E60E Locate real I/O blocks
    E60F Common CCW processing
    E610 Untranslate CSW
    E611 Dispatch - Abberiated
    E612 Store ECPS identification
    E613 Locate changed/shared page

    VS1 Assists

    Opcode Description
    E702 SVC Handler without Trace
    E703 SVC Handler with Trace
    E704 Resume Page Measurement
    E705 Resume Sort Term Unfix
    E707 Dispatcher
    E708 SIO Trace
    E709 Task Switch Trace
    E70A I/O Interrupts Trace
    E70B Store ECPS:VS2 Level
    E70C Set Direct Xlate Limit (VS1 R7)
    E710 LIFO Enqueueing of a PCB
    E720 FIFO Enqueueing of a PCB
    E730 Dbl Threaded Dequeue
    E740 Get an APCBE
    E750 Return an APCBE
    E758 Find Gotten Queue Element
    E760 Dequeue Top APCBE
    E768 SMF Storage Monitor
    E770 Enqueue RSPTE to top
    E778 Getmain of PPA
    E780 Enqueue RSPTE to bottom
    E788 Getmain of PPA, page bdy
    E790 Dequeue Specific RSPTE
    E798 Freemain PQA
    E7A0 Dequeue First RSPTE
    E7A8 Freemain in Partition
    E7B0 Invalidate Virtual Page
    E7B8 Save Status for GET/FREEMAIN
    E7C0 Short Term Unfix
    E7C8 Restore Status for GET/FREEMAIN
    E7E0 Page Measurement
    E7E8 Resume Suboperation, Gp1
    E7F0 Short Term Fix
    E7F8 Resume Suboperation, Gp2

    Move Page (Facility 2)

    Opcode Mnemonic Description
    B259 IESBE Invalidate Expanded Storage Block Entry
    Page Table Entry
    0 PFRA 0 I P E xxxxxxxx
    Bit positions:
    1-19  Page Frame Real Address PFRA
    21 page Invalid bit I
    22 page Protection bit  P
    23 page valid in Expanded storage E

    SIE assist (VM/XA, VM/ESA & PR/SM)

    Opcode Mnemonic Description
    B23D STZP Store Zone Parameter
    B23E SZP Set Zone Parameter
    B23F TPZI Test Pending Zone Interrupt
    Zone Parameter Block (Argument of SZP and STZP)
    00 0000 MSO
    04 0000 MSL
    08 00 ESO
    0C 00 ESL
    10 Resv 1
    14 Resv 2
    18 Resv 3
    1C Resv 4

    MSO Main Storage Origin
    MSL Main Storage Length
    ESO Expanded Storage Origin
    ESL Expanded Storage Length
    B8 Addr Type Subch Num
    BC Interruption Parameter
    C0 IP ISC Zone IIC Resv

    IP Interrupt Subclass Pending Mask (TPZI)
    ISC Interrupt Subclass Mask
    IIC Interrupt Interlock Control Bit X'01'

    Signal Adapter (OSA Express / Queued Direct I/O)

    Opcode Mnemonic Description
    B2740000 SIGA Signal Adapter
    GR0 00 SIG-w (Initiate Output)
    01 SIG-r (Initiate Input)
    GR1 Subchannel ID
    GR2 32 bit Queue Mask

    Sysplex Timer

    ETR attachment controls:
    Opcode Operand Mnemonic Format Description
    B216 d2(b2) SETR S Set ETR attachment controls
    B217 d2(b2) STETR S Store ETR attachment controls
    Operand (halfword):
    Bit Init Description
    0 0 port 0 deselected 
    1 0 port 1 deselected
    2-7 001000 reserved
    8 0 port 0 availability mask change
    9 0 port 1 availability mask change
    10-12 000 reserved
    13 0 ETR alert mask
    14 0 ETR sync mask
    15 0 switch to local mask
    Clock selection:
    Opcode Operand Mnemonic Format Description
    B270 d2(b2) SPCS S Set Primary Clock Selection
    B271 d2(b2) STPCS S Store Primary Clock Selection
    Operand (halfword):
    Bit Init Description
    0 0 Basic synchronisation mode
    1-7 0 Reserved
    8-15 0 Primary TOD clock id, ignored if bit 0 = 0

    External interruption subclass X'1406' is associated with the ETR, bit 27 of CR0 is the interrupt subclass mask. (0 means disabled, 1 means enabled)


    Program interrupt X'0119' is associated with the crypto instructions.  Bit 29 of CR0 is the crypto control bit.  If this bit is not set to 1, then all crypto instructions will suffer a X'0119' program interrupt.

    Service Processor Commands

    Opcode Operand Mnemonic Format Description
    B220 r1, r2 SERVC RRE Service Processor Call
    r1 SCLP Command Word
    r2 Service Call Control Block
    (real address)
    Condition Code:
    CC0 Command initiated
    CC1 Command completed synchronously
    CC2 Service Processor Busy
    CC3 --
    External-interruption parameter for service signal (X'2401') stored at loc X'80'
    Real address of SCCB, or X'00000001' in case of pending event data (operator entered command at the system console)
    Various commands as implemented by Hercules:
    00020001 Read SCP info
    This call is used to determine the machine characteristics, installed features, storage sizes
    and load parameter.
    00030001 Read Channel Path info
    This call indicates the status of the channel paths
    001C0001 Read Channel Subsystem info
    This call is used to determine the channel subsystem features such as the
    concurrent sense facility
    00250001 Read Expanded Storage Map
    This call is used to determine expanded storage block status
    a bit map is returned where bits associated with invalid blocks are set to one
    0010nn01 Deconfigure CPU nn
    Physically configure CPU offline
    0011nn01 Configure CPU nn
    Physically configure CPU online 
    (The initial CPU reset SIGP order performs this function implicitly)
    001Ann01 Disconnect Vector Facility nn
    Physically configures the vector facility associated with CPU nn offline
    001Bnn01 Connect Vector Facility nn
    Physically configures vector facility associated with CPU nn online
    00760005 Write Event Data
    Sent event data such as Write To Operator messages to the service processor
    00770005 Read Event Data
    Read pending event data such as operator commands from the service processor
    00780005 Write Event Mask
    Indicate to the service processor what events are supported

    Expanded Storage

    Opcode Operand Mnemonic Format Description
    B22E r1, r2 PGIN RRE Page In from xstore
    B22F r1,r2 PGOUT RRE Page Out to xstore
    r1 Real address of 4K block to be moved
    r2 Expanded storage block number
    Condition Code:
    CC0 Operation successfull
    CC1 --
    CC2 --
    CC3 Expanded storage block not available

    Note:  The read expanded storage map is used in combination with read SCP info to determine the expanded storage availability.  Read expanded storage map provides a bitmap of all unavailable blocks on an expanded storage increment basis.