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MVS (z/OS nee OS/390 nee MVS) General

IBM Home Page  IBM Mainframe Home Page Parallel Sysplex
z-OS home page - Enterprise operating system with 64-bit z-Architecture IBM S/390 Books IBM S-390 Enterprise Connection Call Library(Teleconferences from the last 3 months)
USS FAQ  ISV support for IBM mainframe Servers Solution Developer Program 
IBM WLM Home  IBM RMF Home  Balbir Oberoi's
z/OS R7 JES2 site NEWHASP.COM NEW  IBM Mainframe Support WLM Scrapbook
Eric Loriaux Mainframes are Back!
Chuck Hopf MVS Systems Programming by David Elder-Vass Thierry FALISSARD's home page including his Guide to building a one pack mini system
News: IBM-MAIN IBM-MAIN Archives Google Groups direct access to bit.listserv.ibm-main
Francois LE MANER OS-390 and z-OS Home Page or here Francois LE MANER OS-390 and z-OS Home Page IBM-MAIN Job Board z-Journal  (Bob Thomas who founded ESJ is back!) NEW 
OS-390 HCD and HCM (includes HCD and HCM newsletters) IBM Year 2000 Alerts
IBM Storage Home iSource (User customized IBM News by email direct from IBM) 
IBM Storage Software Home Arnold Trembley Washington Systems Center (Flashes and more!)
IBM ISPF Home IBM DOC APAR & PTF ++HOLD Documentation
IBM Almaden Research Center Frank Scannello's IBM Mainframe Programmers Resource Page Mainframes.com
ICCM Forum Henderson Group (RUG)
IBM LE Home Nicus Newsletter (SAS & MICS tips) IBM OE Home
MVSHELP.COM The Rexx Language Association Yahoo! Clubs OS390 and MVS
IBM Large System Performance Reference (LSPR)   IBM EMEA Consultants Update Cathcart's Corner
Peter Norris's home page The IBM System/360  Ad   David Heap's White Papers
Free Wallchart S/390 Performance IBM Year 2000 Home Page Yahoo! Clubs Legacy Systems and CORBA
Troubleshooter for OS-390 Web Server Technology News of America - Technology News Ltd IBM DITTO-ESA
The IBM System 360 Ad Open Directory - Computers Software Operating Systems OS-390 Freeware Rock Painter's Mainframe, Midrange, & Micro Computers Page
IBM Lotus Domino for S/390 (check out DOMCON) IBM S/390 New Technology Center Samples IBM On-line Language Environment (LE) Debugging Workshop
OS-390 Information Wizards (on-line assistants for configuration and ordering)NEW Philippe Richard's WLM Site   Amdahl System/390 Servers
[Databases] S-390 TechSupport Assembler hints and tips at Wynsoft Open Directory - Computers Software Operating Systems OS-390
OS-390 Internet Resources from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm G. Spruth MVS-TSO Documentation at UGA (JCL, TSO/ISPF, Abends)  IBM Printing Systems
www.TheAmericanProgrammer.com (Gabe Gargiulo REXX and lots more)NEW Enterprise Server Essentials IBM S/390 vs. UNIX(s) Ad with good information. Xephon (Archives have older issues of MVS Update, RACF Update, DB2 Update, etc. free)
IBM S-390 Service Update Facility S-390 Bulletin on the web (Good, Free IBM 390 publication much feel good info about 390 success and lightly sprinkled with technology information)  IBM DFSORT-MVS Home (Here you will find lots of smart tricks for DFSORT.  Sort control statements are sooo much better than a customer COBOL program.)
Document Archive at WVNET (WVNET old doc on MVS, JCL, VM, XEDIT, etc.) IBM BookManager Home
MainFrameForum(free discussion boards on mainframe topics) IBM Catalog and VSAM Knowledge Base JBM Electronics Getting VTAM & NCP traces (nicely written overview of getting traces) 
Yahoo! Groups DPHT (Data Processing Historical and Technical Association)NEW KMS-IT Limited (Consultant who provides tons of useful examples, tutorials, and diagrams on the site. Bravo!) Bill's Big Iron Page (Bill Lalonde's bits of REXX, information, links and other fun stuff) 

OS/390 Freeware

CBT Tape Home Page Planet MVS (Dave's MVS) IBM TASID (not Latest)
Mike Cleary UPDATED Gilbert Saint-Flour's Tools Mark Zelden
Info-ZIP Home Page Jim Blalock  MVS Systems, Clemson University
Lionel Dyck's OS/390 Freeware Leonard Woren Fred Schuff
Michael A. Newell - PDS2PDS Richard Rogers  Systems Programming (Cool 390 Programming Samples) Doug Nadel OS/390 Tools & Toys
The REXX Macros Toolbox by David McRitchie Rob Scott's MXI and other tools Kimu MVS Tips and Tools
IBM OS390 Python 2.2 port   Jan Jaeger's S-390 System Utilities (offline temporarily) Pi-Sysprogr and Martin Truebner VSE & MVS Freeware (mostly VSE)
IBM CICS SupportPacs Andy's MVS pages (INSTASM macros & more) TDSLink free IP tracing software "lite" version of full ISV TCP/IP Monitoring software (OCONEW
SSC Incorporated Freeware (Assembler REXX functions and more) Rock Painter Mainframe Rexx Examples David Pitts' OS-390 GCC-EGCS Compiler Page (for USS)
Sam BASS Home Page (DSCB zap tools and more)  Dignus Free Downloads Rexx Tidbits at BDG (totally bogus EULA)
EWO Software Tiny Freeware Section just getting Started Nicus Software - Free SAS macros & Goodies Roy Gardiner's DDF & other ISPF tools
World of OS-390 - Knowledge Base and Forum (bits of freeware, links, newsletter, odds & ends, includes a few annoying pop-up ads)   ProTech REXX Automation Code Samples (You can click through registration form if you want)  HiLMAs Download page (OCO
Neil's Computer Page (REXX Source Samples)  FAD-H Software(OCO Mike Porter's Freeware includng NetPrint
Connelley's Programmer's Toolbox Java for OS-390 Tips and FAQs STLport (ANSI template library for OS/390 C/C++)
Michael Stack (at NIU ASSIST and MVSBatch downloads)  Roland Schiradin (SHOWMVS, Cobol Analyzer)  CVS for MVS (USS)  
Ken's OS-390 SNTP Home Page Neil's Computer Page (REXX samples & REXX FAQ) Prycroft Six Pty Ltd (REVIEW Home Page)
Useful bits of SAS code and wisdom (from Roger DeAngelis of CompuCraft)  REXX-MVS code examples and utilities at Frank Clarke's Homepage   Large collection of freeware rexx source code by Dennis Bareis (not specific to 390 REXX but much of it works very well)
IBM Logrec Viewer (formatted display of EREP data in SYS1.LOGREC or in Logger) OCO  GNU 390 Ports (some old ports in source and binary done by MKS) The home page of Paul Beesley NEW


Freeware for non-S/390 CPU(s) especially useful to Mainframe Folks

XMIT Manager (Xmit Manager is a Free Windows based utility which decodes IBM Mainframe based Xmit files and allows for viewing or extraction of the content data.)  USA mirror page here BlueZone FTP from Renex (Free FTP optimized for S/390 FTP Servers registration required) PDS Magician! (extract PDS components from an MVS mainframe PDS TSO TRANSMITted to a flat file like on the CBT Tape Site) 
Mark Hessling's Home Page (THE Editor, Regina REXX, REXX/SQL, REXX/curses) Contributions to The Hessling Editor Giovanni Bracco on Differences between THE and ISPF editor
Nigel Pentland's Home Page (Free RACF PCbased Utilities) The Hercules System-370 and ESA-390 Emulator newest home  Book Explorer (Windows Explorer-like interface for browsing and managing IBM BookManager shelves and books. It works with BookManager Read for Windows and Library Reader for Windows) NEW
The x3270 Home Page  (Linux TN3270 emulator) Linux TN3270 Package updated by David Luyer RECV390 (RECV390 is a program that provides Windows users with the ability to extract OS/390 TSO/E TRANSMIT PDSs onto their PC.)
Adobe Systems (A copy of the latest Adobe Acrobat Viewer is a must for access to documentation from IBM and others) GSview (Graphical frontend for free GhostScript Postscript Viewer.  Can view LISTPS files from VM) LDAP Browser-Editor (RACF now is an LDAP Server you might want/need such a tool to get started using it's capabilities)
10777 Nollendorfplatz Mark Johnson's SPF PC Macro Page   PuTTY a free Win32 telnet-ssh client (Safe Secure connections possible to public servers (Linux/390 included) which is not true of FTP or Telnet)NEW NONAGS Freeware 32bit Telnet & Terminal Clients (if you are going install Linux/390 you may want one of these)
CD Suites with GPL Software for Windows have been distributed at some of the Fully Wired Free Software talks and the two best I have seen so far are 

OpenCD and GNUWin NEW

Wnbrowse (a multifunction ASCII, EBCDIC and Hex file viewer.  Search, print, integrated with Windows Explorer.  FREE)NEW

Shareware or Commercial Tools for non-S/390 CPU(s) especially useful to Mainframe Folks

V - The File Viewer (fast and compact file viewer supports EBCDIC) Text Editor - HEX Editor - HTML Editor - Programmers Editor - UltraEdit (my favorite text editor for the Windows environment, powerful, understands EBCDIC) Search and replace with TextPipe Pro software, find and replace in web sites, database extracts, framemaker MIF files and more (High Performance text manipulation supports EBCDIC and mainframe file conventions)


Personal Home Pages with some Mainframe References or links to this site

Softwise Solutions George Kurylak Kevin Fletcher
Bill Curran Jean-Yves Mengant's Corner Tim Berryhill
The REXX Macros Toolbox and David McRitchie's Home Page BgB - Bruce Guenther Baumgart's Home Page - 1998. Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC
Binyamin Dissen Willy Jensen   Neil Hancock's Home Page aka The überFish Home Page
Ehud Lamm's Irreverent Home Page... (ASM course outline)  IBM S-390 information - MVS, VSE, OS-390 CICS etc (WebSmiths) Welcome to Dichotomy - Diana & Mikes pages (MVT page here AND it runs on AS/400!)
Connelley's Home Dan's House of Fun E Street Journal Tech Page (Abdul Jaludi's REXX Page)
DoIT MVS Systems Management Boe Franklin - System Programmers Site Sebastian Welton
BlkSize Calculation in PHP (by Ted Rolle source available here) Kevin Shelly's Home Page Richard Rogers  Systems Programming
Frank Clarke's Homepage NEW Dan Ruehl's Technology Links NEW Los Angeles Pierce College J.H.Murphy (Hank Murphy wrote the now out of print MVS Control Blocks and Assembler For COBOL Programmers books)NEW
IBM Songbook (IBM Song Book) + MVS System Control Block diagram (Brad McCormick's excellent personal web site fun mainframe lore too) NEW


IBM On-line Manuals

MVS Parallel Sysplex Batch Performance IBM S/390 Books
IBM COBOL Publications IBM DFSMS Pubs IBM Softcopy Reader for Java - Beta

CICS and MQSeries

Transaction Systems  CICS Home Page  CICS Publications 
MQ Series Home  MQ Bookshelf  News: CICS
CICS Prog's Home Page New England CICS Users Group
Advanced Debugging System for CICS Share - CICS Project Ottawa CICS Users Group
Circle Computer Group for CICS, DB2, DL-1, MQSeries and IMS training CICS Central - information on IBM CICS IBM CICS SupportPacs
Themis, technical training Follow the Yelavich Road   Lemon Tree (CICS Solutions and Consultancy - links, news, PTF Watch and much more than the usual brochureware web)
CICS Worldwide User Forum - Home Page CICS and MQSeries IBM Magazine Subscriptions IBM CICS Hot-Wire e-mail Newsletter

DB2 and IMS and other DBMS

IBM Databases   IBM DB2 for OS-390 Library News: DB2
Platinum Database Tips   DB2 Database Administration Home Page DB2 Database Discussion List
Links about DB2 from DB2USA IBM DB2 for OS-390 Home Page DBAJOBS.com
LCCI Consultant's Corner Craig S. Mullins & Associates, Inc. DB2 Universal Database for OS-390 Version 5 Books
Heart of America DB2 User Group (Kansas, USA)  IDUG International DB2 Users Group Graeme Birchall's Home Page (Several UDB SQL books on-line free downloads) 
Great Plains DB2 Forum NEW
Themis, technical training IBM Software Database and Data Management DB2 Product Family DB2 for OS-390 Home Central Ohio DB2 User Group - Home Page
IBM DB2 for OS/390 Stored Procedures   DB2 Freeware Archive from the DB2-L Mailing List IBM Software Database and Data Management IMS Library
Melbourne DB2 Users Group DBAzine.com Craig Mullins DBA Magazine for DB2, IMS, Oracle, and SQL Server  Book: DB2 for OS/390 Development for Performance 
Gabrielle Wiorkowski
L.A. Area DB2 Users Group Just DB2 Jobs IBM Data Management DB2 Today Email Newsletters
IBM IMS Home IBM IMS Newsletter Book:DB2 High Performance Design and Tuning at fatbrain.com
DB2 Magazine IBM My DB2 Today Newsletter
Oracle FAQ Oracle for MVS 

Network Solutions

IBM Networking Hardware  IBM's TCP/IP  IBM Networking Software
Network Computing's Interactive Buyer's Guide OSI Reference Model IDG NetworkWorld Fusion
AmiTCP References
Tolly Consulting Network Computing Magazine Laura Jeanne Knapp
(IBM TCP guru many interesting presentations)
ELMO Project - Links & References FREE Big Brother System and Network Monitor (Server runs on Linux & Unix clients many OS) Network Computing's Interactive Buyer's Guide (Terminal Emulators)


VM Home  VM Workshop Tools z-VM and VM-related Library
Melinda Varian's Home Page (Paper VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future, and more!) VSE-L - VSE Resources and Discussion list WAVV - World Alliance of VSE & VM User Group
VSE Home 
VSE Technical Info  News: VSE VSE Bookshelves 
Barnard Software TCP/IP for VSE North Carolina VSE Users Group
MVMRUG Home Page CAVMEN - Chicago Area VM Enthusiasts
VM Update, a publication of Software Diversified Services (Free VM Newsletter)  PUCC:Princeton VM System BI Moyle (Large VSE ISV)
VSE-Update (Xephon VSE Update past and present is now free on the web and is being maintained by BIM)

Software Development Links

Visual Age for C++  High Level Assembler Manuals  Java for OS/390 
Sun Java Development Kit (JDK)  IBM Free Web course Intro to Java Using S390 Assemlber at NIH
Microsoft Scripting Python The Java Directory
IBM Alphaworks Object Rexx at IBM TCL Consortium
ActiveState Perl Perl Home Perl Language Home
Rexx Language page at IBM Hursley The IBM PL/I Page FAQ for TSO-REXX and 
Style Guide for Rexx
Developing for S-390 (IBM PartnerWorld for Developers 390) IBM COBOL and PL/I Newsletter Signup for News/Updates from Santa Teresa Laboratory The CRC Pitstop (Info on using CRC Error detection)
The COBOL Center   IBM COBOL V3 Performance Tuning Paper (.PDF) Dignus, LLC  Systems/C and Systems/ASM Compilers and cross compilers for C & ASM on 390 also a fun on-line C compiler [200 lines limit])NEW
Tachyon Software Parthenon Development The Art of Assembly Language Programming (Intel)
SAS/C Compiler Finn Lund Home Page Open PL/I Information Page
PC/370 v4.2 IBM 370 assembler and emulator VB Training from Appdev (free sample course on VBA) IBM XML Web Site, Home Page
KEDIT (XEDIT pc editor) SPF/PC (ISPF pc editor) SPF for UNIX and SPF for LINUX (Uneclipse Software) 
IBM C/370 Newsletter on FTP Acrobat and PDF at PDFzone.com OS2 Warp 
Homepage of Thomas E. Dickey (XTERM for S/390 USS) Fernwood OS/2: REXX Programming and Source IBM On-line Language Environment (LE) Debugging Workshop
Handling DATES with REXX LesTec Pty Ltd - Modular And Integrated Design - Visual REXX Utility using basic rexx scripts - Free Download REXXIO REXX input output library - Free Downlaod Regina REXX Open Directory - Computers Programming Languages Rexx
Rexx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) DevShed - The Open Source Web Development Site www.perl.com - Perl Meets COBOL
SAS Software Tips from Don Stanley SAS® Tips from PW Conulting SAS® FAQ's, Hints and Tips WebRingNEW
Richard A. DeVenezia SAS Tips WUSS - Western Users of SAS Software, Inc. Bay Area SAS Users Group (Excllent SAS Links Bay Area SAS Users Group Hot Spots)
COBOL FAQ The Cobol Portal COBOLReport.com from Object-Z System conference.dkl.com - The Virtual Conference (A site by Data Kinetics that includes some excellent papers on software testing and using tables in software design that are useful to anyone)
theKompany.com Home (KOBOL low cost ANSI COBOL for Linux, Windows) PL/I Resources (Everything PL/I or PL/1 as some prefer) NEW
Time Service Department
U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC
Time WWW server. The latest information on Network Time Protocol (NTP) and other related clock synchronization products.. CVS Home Page (GPL Change control tool The Concurrent Versions System)

General Resources

Redbooks  IBMLINK  Xephon (Archives have older issues of MVS Update, RACF Update, DB2 Update, etc. free)
IBM Support  IBM email directory  JED:SP
Problem Solving Databases WSC Inc.  PASM (Intel 370 assembler)
InformIT (Free on-line LIbrary) O'Reilly & Associates
Powell's Books - Used, New, and Out of Print (recommend often for hunting old mainframe tomes) Books for sale at Amazon.com abebooks.com - the world's largest source of out-of-print books! (Another recommended source for old MVS books)
Dr. Bernie Charles Babbage Institute THE COLLECTIONS   Book: Open Sources Voices from the Open Source Revolution (read it on-line)
Linux in the Mainframe World IBM AFP Viewer IBM AFP Viewer Documentation
Andrew Odlyzko at AT&T Labs Novell US Navel Observatory : Y2K Countdown
IBM 1620 Restoration Mike Murach Books FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
Matt's Script Archives (CGI) PC Magazine Fernwood OS/2: REXX Programming and Source
Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ Free Magazine) IBM Dictionary of Computing Contact IBM Employee(s) (Whois directory of email for IBM'ers)
NaSPA Network and Systems Professionals Association  NaSPA Archives at Software Diversified Services   ESJ Mag (RIP) see z/Journal
Maximum Press (S/390 Intro Pubs) Alternative TPF Homepage Sebek Ltd TPF Consulting &
 Tornado The TPF Simulator
  (ISV with great TPF Links page)
G E E K T O O L S - WHOIS (On-line utilities to check IP Address and more)  Software Asset Management Resources and Mailing List @ IBM (John Anderson of IBM Canada provides some resources to help dealing with ISV Costs. Vendors are not permitted on the mailing list only IBM Customers) 
Bad Software Site (UCITA Info) 4CITE For a Competitive Information and Technology Economy (UCITA Info) Stop UCITA (More UCITA Info)
Mainframe Developers Network Jargon File Resources Softpanorama (slightly skeptical) Open Source Software Educational Society
iUniverse.com  Books printed on demand  (Can order David Elder-vass MVS Systems Programming)  search390.com The 390 Specific Portal and Search Engine (Just getting started but has possibilities) Dr. Dobb's TechNetCast (Audio and Video presentations by some of the most interesting folks)
Acronym Finder Look up 222,000+ acronyms-abbreviations & their definitions (Trying to figure out what IIRC, BOFH, CEC, or other acroynyms mean?  Check this out.)   DDJ (Dr. Dobb's Journal one of the oldest programming magazines)


InfoSecurity News CERT CIAC
Georgia RACF Users' Group - GARUG Computer Associates OS-390 Security Cookbooks www.tssadmin
InfoWar! Henderson Group (BW RACF User Group) Information Systems Audit and Control Association
Nigel Pentland's Home Page (Free RACF PC Utilities) EKC, Inc. - Leaders in Information Security DoD Rainbow Series Library
Zone Labs - Free Zone Alarm Personal (PC) Firewall   Shields UP!  On-line security scan of your computer by Steve Gibson  SSH® Secure Shell(free for personal use SSH2 telnet-ftp replacement.  If you want to do secure connections without VPN this is a good place to start)
Free Sybergen Secure Desktop Download (another firewall free for personal use) secure-me.net - automated online security evaluation (Another free remote scan) Foundstone (Two of the principals wrote Hacking Exposed, Free Tools, Good advice)
Security Alert Subscription Service The Black Hat Briefings Security Conference (You can listen to some of the best presentations about security on-line free.. do it!)  Hacking Exposed Book Home & Security Resources  (Great site to start learning about what the Black Hats really do!) 
Georgi Guninski Security Research (Georgi makes a hobby of finding security problems with Microsoft products) Vanguard Expo (Security conference with lots of 390 related sessions sponsored by Vanguard) Alta Associates (Security Jobs Placement)
Vanguard Homepage (ISV and consulting services for 390 host security and more) @stake, Inc. (Security related consulting.  Home now to L0pht Heavy Industries)
American Society for Industrial Security(Physical Security Issues and more) SIMON 2001 - Library - Security Information Management Online Network GAO Information Security Report

 Computer Virus NEW

Symantec AntiVirus research Center Network Associates - McAfee
Norman Anti-Virus Sophos Anti-Virus
Command Anti-Virus PC-cillin Trend Micro, Incorporated
Data Fellows




P/390 and other mini-me machines and resources

P390 Web Site Integrated Server P390 FTP Site
PC Server 500 PC Server 520 Overland Tape 34xx Tape Drives
Commercial Data Servers Funsoft FLEX P390 Server GSF P390 Links
Open Mainframe Interprocess Systems, Inc. P-390 SCSI Tape Specialists Computer Related Concepts, Inc. Muliprise3000.com (vendor of P390 class offerrings)
UMX-technologies P-390 Systems Management by Gary Eheman from SHARE 89 IntelliWare Systems, Inc.
NUMA-Q Enabled for S-390 T3 TECHNOLOGIES Systems-Software Engineering
Platform Solutions (Amdahl spin-off not shipping yet)


User Groups

NASPA NASPA Ontario Canada  Chapter Windy City NaSPA Chapter
Guide Share Europe SHARE JES3 Project WITI-Women In Technology International
North American Ingres Users Association CMG Australia Journal WAVV - World Alliance of VSE & VM User Group
MVMRUG Home Page Hillgang VM & Linux in Washington DC USA
New England CICS Users Group Toronto CICS Association CADRE (the Datacom user forum)
IEEE Computer Society  MVS Oracle SIG Home Page   Interaction Australasia
Bay Area SAS Users Group (Excllent SAS Links Bay Area SAS Users Group Hot Spots) WUSS - Western Users of SAS Software, Inc. SPCI -- Mid-Atlantic Users Groups List
COMMON   Automated Systems And Planning (ASAP)  OPC Users Group   E-STORM - Enterprise Storage Management User Group


Independant Software Vendors (ISVs) and other S/390 Business Offerings

Below you see just a few interesting Software Vendors.  For a comprehensive, searchable data base with more than 36,000 entries visit IBM Global Solutions Directory 

ASG (TMON) BMC Software

BMC Technical News

Computer Associates

CA Technical Support  

Desktalk MVS Solutions
Performance Associates Programmart SAS Institute
SES Emerald Strobe Add-on Tivoli
Applied Expert Systems Amdahl BEZ Systems
CACI Commvault CPExpert
Compuware ConsulRiskMgmt Data Metrics
Demand Technology EMC Emerald
Evaluator Chicago-Soft Ltd. Ganymede
HP HDS Hudson Williams
IBM Isogen LoanSystems
Lund Merc MXG  See also MICS to MXG Conversion Notes at Nicus 
Metron Net Fusion New Era
GSF Software (Gilbert Saint-Flour's excellent set of commercial tools VSE to MVS conversion system, Dynamic STEPLIB, TSO Reconnect exit, more) NEW Cole Software (z/XDC still written by Dave Cole & still a really cool assembler debugger) Responsive Systems
Farsight Systems Corp (z/Debug)
StorageTek Sun Sutmyn
Triangle Systems (IOF) Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. SERENA Software International (PDS-STARTOOL)
Phoenix Software International Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (MKS) Innovation Data Processing (FDR)
DTS Software (Cool Storage Management Tools) Software 500 SyncSort
Computer Associates Software Engineering of America HOSTSYSTEMS GmbH - Software-Entwicklung und Beratung (Catalog Information Manager replaces Catalog Solution)
Applied Software, Inc. (Super IND$FILE and others) Momentum Systems (Communications including BTAM replacement solution)  Mainstar Software Corporation (Catalog Recovery Plus replaces Catalog Solution and more)
Boole & Babbage   Essential Systems Technical Consulting PLATINUM
C. Smith Open Software Technologies, Inc.  (REXXTOOLS) Perfman
ASE Fundamental Software Edge Portfolio Analyzer
Train Your Business - The Professional's Edge for Business Training aka  S/390 Training fromTechKnowledge (Education) S/390 Training from Trainers Friend C-Cubed - Home Page (MVS Direct API and other client server building block tools)
Isham Research (Phil's latest casting of the bones and also a funny take of the Devil's Dictionary for mainframe types) DATA KINETICS (tableBASE) Home Page of Michel Castelein (z/OS Education) 
The Workstation Group - Tools for Mainframe to UNIX Migration  (Hey if you are being forced to go... at least these guys can provide some familiar tools) UltiMIS Corporation  EYE-SPY competes with Abend-Aid and other tools EXSPANS System and Software Development Inc. (Interesting data sharing product)
CDB Software, Inc. (DB2 Utilities) SEDIT and S-REXX from Benaroya (XEDIT clone and REXX on UNIX) Dignus, LLC  Systems/C and Systems/ASM Compilers and cross compilers for C & ASM on 390 also a fun on-line C compiler [200 lines limit])
William Data Systems, suppliers of IBM mainframe network software tools exigence (tracing TCP/IP, APPN and SNA traffic), ftpalert (controlling TCP/IP file transfers), routeview (managing VTAM path tables).NEW Renex Corporation Web-to-Host and Desktop-to-Host connectivity products for the IBM mainframe and IBM AS/400 NEW Trident Services (Software and Services including JES2 Mellon Mods replacement)
MTX Corporation Online (ESCON Console Concentrator supports up to 16 LPARs on one controller, other mainframe connnectivity products)NEW Software Diversified Services (MVS, VM, and VSE Software) NEW IBM Mainframe Internet Timeshare 
Datatrain Computer Based Training (IBM Mainframe and Midrange training courses, MVS Applications, MVS Operations, MVS Helpdesk, AS-400, VSE, Tandem)NEW MacKinney Systems Enterprise software for OS-390, VM and VSE (Lower cost solutions for common problems) NEW ProTech Professional Technical Services, Inc. (Training and Consulting) NEW
Carl Eric Johnson & Company - Home Page (DB2 Education & Consulting) NEW HiLMAs Home pageNEW Farber-LaChance Online (Automation Center for Unattended Operations)NEW
Ensose - Enhanced Software Services, Inc. Homepage (OS390 consultants) NEW Boogeynet (Web Access for any TN3270 application accessible from the Internet)NEW Macro 4 Systems Software (Dumpmaster, Tracemaster nee XTRACE,  more+)NEW
Allen Systems Group ASGNEW Velocity Software, Inc. (VM Performance and Web Software site runs on VM!)NEW Ubiquity makes products for MVS & UNIX including TheBill a charge back system that works with MXG & SASNEW
Peripheral Manufacturing, Inc. (Magnetic Media disposal)
InCert Software (Testing and Crash Analysis Tools for COBOL on S/390 and also other platforms)NEW Schunk and Associates, Inc. (Consulting & Education) Check out the presentations here NEW
IIS, LLC  (ISX virtual machines in OS/390 started tasks) NEW Tanit (Web to host for CICS) (Interesting and they let you download a demo, whitepapers, and sample code to check out)NEW Yevich, Lawson and Associates, Inc (DB2 Consulting)NEW
TOSC International, Inc. - The Other Software Company (TOPAS Scheduler & UTOPIA File Tool & more) NEW Tone Software Corporation - Enterprise management and automation solutions for business computing. (OMC-, Dyna-Step, etc.) NEW Systemware (Output Management Software & Consulting from deep in the heart of Texas) NEW
Advanced Software Products Group, Inc. ASPG (data center tools) NEW Oak Systems Group (Consultants in Chicago, IL) Liebert Corporation (UPS & Air Handling)
Responsive Systems Company - DB2 and MVS Performance ExpertsNEW Cheryl Watson Watson & Walker (BoxScore & Tuning Letter)NEW Entact Information Security (cross platform admin tools)NEW
Sirius Software, Inc. -- Model 204NEW Banknet (IMS Powertools,  and more)NEW William Data Systems (EXIGENCE, FTPAlert, other networking tools)NEW
Goldis Consulting Services - Try PWCHECK, the RACF password crackerNEW CBL (SELCOPY and CBLVCAT utilities)NEW
Decision Technology (Report writer and decision support retrieval software)NEW Interchip - Real-Time Defrag Essential Systems Technical Consulting - ESTC (Source Code Recovery and more)NEW
T3 TECHNOLOGIES,  IBM Business Partner (source for NUMAQ and consulting)NEW ASCENT SOLUTIONS Inc. PKZIP data compression software PKZIP compatible for MVS and other platforms C-Cubed (PC Workstation to TSO Integration tools like Edit, SDSF, IOF, etc. without a TSO session)NEW
SBBWorks' - Helping I-S Manage Computing Resources (Chargeback consulting services also related Tips & Links)NEW Lightyear Consulting. IBM Business Partner. DB2, CICS, IMS. (Good Links to IBM Redbooks, TechTalks, and other sites)NEW RightSource  (Education CICS, 390, more)NEW
FLAM - Frankenstein-Limes-Access-MethodNEW NEON Systems (eBiz Tools, IMS Utilities, Shadow Web Server and other products)NEW Data Processing Techniques,Inc. (DP Technician, PDS Monitor, DP Utilities)NEW
Mainframe Software Innovations (Performance consulting, the other Dave Cole)NEW Celestini Development ServicesNEW Bixoft - Mainframe assembler specialists (Nice set of links to IBM manuals useful for assembler programmers, code bits, and other goodies, dinopower on!) NEW
Multi-Platforms, Inc. (Jim Keohane) NEW SuperWylbur NEW Prycroft Six Pty Ltd (Greg Price's IMON)NEW
ACTS Corporation  PerformanceCops (Windows ™ based software tools that can be used to analyze the capacity requirements of mainframe computer systems) NEW Intercomp legacy renewal solutions (Web enablement for 390 and more) NEW
www.systemprogrammer.com (all about Joanna Gordon) NEW GSF Tools & Docs (Gilbert Saint-flour's freeware but also a few inexpensive and useful commercial tools such as a good dynamic STEPLIB command, mass compiler, very powerful PDS scanner, and more) NEW Performance Dynamics Company(TM) (Home of Neil J.Gunther and the Guerilla Capacity Planning Course)  NEW
Arney Computer Systems (VSE)NEW IntelliWare Systems, Inc. (Home of VSEForum)NEW Inside Products (Network Monitoring Tools for mainframe TCP/IP)NEW
GT Software (access to data on S/390 from other platforms) NEW Information Technology Company (Stan King's Future of IBM S/390 Small Platform Computing presentations) NEW Static control Stop static, end ESD (Static Control carpeted floor tiles and other special items you might need in a data center) NEW
Adabas Natural Forever!   SoftExcell (Ed Handschuh's COMMAND light weight scripting package) NEW eMag Solutions (tape media also services and software for Data Conversion, Data Migration and Data Recovery) NEW
Amdahl TDMF Corigin (tools to get at data on the mainframe)  TDSLink TCP/IP and host monitoring software NEW
Dino-Software - Home of T-Rex - diagnose, report, backup and repair clusters and ICFcomponents in an OS-390 environment (competes with Mechanic, Catalog Solution, Mainstar tools) NEW Luminex provides optical data storage, archival and publishing solutions as well as the convergence of mainframe storage and open systems storage (3990 emulated DASD control unit connects to open systems disk and other related I/O offerrings)  NEW RMFSTATS provides all manner of  Charts and  WLM goal reporting - IBM OS-390 and Z-OS - MVS Capacity and Performance Measurement Statistics (A post processing service to help you make sense of your RMF data) NEW
Soft-Center Solutions Inc. brings you SimpList, productivity software for TSO-ISPF® (ISPF Productivity Tool)  ISPF-ftp Home (Java GUI client provides ISPF like capabilities via FTP non-free)  Cue-Metamon  NEW
ConvTek   (VSE to z/OS Migration and other Conversion and Reengineering Solutions.  Formerly part of AMS)  CONNX - Simplified Data Access Via ODBC, JDBC, OLEDB for RMS, VSAM, CISAM ... ODBC RMS VSAM CISAM (Middleware)  NEW NetCOBOL Products Main Page (Fujitsu's product suite to run MVS workloads on Wintel)NEW
GSF-Soft(VSE to z/OS Migration tools and consulting, Consulting for System z, Misc z/OS tools)   NEW

TN3270 & other 3270 Products NEW

Nexus Integration - Telnet 3270 - 5250 The x3270 Home Page  (Free Linux TN3270 emulator) Zephyr Corp (Terminal Emulation Software Host Access via TN3270, TN5250, VT100 and VT220) NEW
Tom Brennan Software - Vista tn3270 FREE QWS3270 TN3270 client QWS3270+ $ at Jolly Giant Software
Serengeti Systems 3770 - 3270 - TN3270 - TN3270E - 3780 - 2780 - Bisync - AutoSync - SDLC - FTP - and more DCSI Terminal Emulation for TELNET, TN3270, TN5250, VT320, VT340, VT420, VT220, VT100 and WYSE I-O Concepts Terminal Emulation for Unix, Windows 95-98-NT, and Java
3270 Terminal Emulation Products by Forvus Research, Inc. (still sells 3270 adapter cards) pub-Linux-system-network-misc (Free tn3270 package seems to work OK on Linux/390) Enterprise integration for mainframe and AS-400 (Thin client emulator with FTP)

PalmPilot Resources

PalmPilot Hex Calc for PalmPilot
PalmGear H.Q.! PDAlive.com - Good tips for new Palm users
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository  Handango! (Buy Palm Stuff)

Just Fun or Interesting Pages

LEGO MINDSTORMS Lego Mindstorms Internals MulticsNEW
Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Kismet's Web PageNEW The IBM System/360  Ad NEW
UNIX Hater's HandbookNEW The Year 2000 Crisis by All of the Top Cartoonists! NEW Sparky the Fish does a magic Card Trick NEW
TechTales (Funny tales from tech support folk)NEW How To Write Unmaintainable CodeNEW VisiCalc Information from its creators, Dan Bricklin and Bob FrankstonNEW
Bill von Hagen's Home Page (Hardware of Yore Links)NEW Obsolete Computer MuseumNEW  Histroical Computer Society

 HCS Museum LobbyNEW

Carl Friend's Computer CollectionNEW The Computer Museum History Center Home PageNEW MITS-Pertec Altair 8800-680b-MITS 300NEW
Doug Jones's DEC PDP-8 indexNEW Paul Pierce's Computer Collection (IBM Big Iron!) NEW UK Computer MuseumNEW
User Friendly the Comic StripNEW Copyleft.net - Geek Chic! (Buy geeky shirts & other stuff) John Patrick - IBM's Chief Dreamer
Zeller's Congruence Applet (Java to determine day of week for any given date)NEW ThinkGeek Stuff for Smart Masses (Buy more geeky stuff) Acroname Inc for Easier Robotics (Buy cool stuff to make all kinds of robots)NEW
ticalc.org (Shrine to Texas Instruments Calculators)NEW Images at Computer MuseumNEW Computer Museum by punch.card.co.uk NEW
Table of Contents The Best of Creative Computing Volume 1 (Creative Computing was a computer magazine that paved the way for a lot of others.  Many of the articles are still relavent) NEW
THE BASTARD OPERATOR FROM HELL OFFICIAL ARCHIVENEW Re-boot Hill (Stories of fail attempts to convert away from the Mainframe at ACTS) NEW Spotted Owls, Snail Darters, and now S/390 Assembler Programmers, ... NEW


Linux Resources

Linux for S-390 by Millux NEW Linux-VM Two great operating systems, even better togetherNEW Linux for S-390 Marist College NEW
Linux-390 at Princeton UniversityNEW IBM Americas - VM, VSE and LINUX (Jim Elliot Linux/390 friend)NEW Linux at IBM NEW
Caimen Linux/390NEW S-390 The Linux Dream MachineNEW Cross-compiling Linux/390 at Sine Nomine Associates Network and System Solutions NEW
linux.org  Linx Info
uk.linux.org  More Linux! Linux Documentation Project   Linux online and printed documentation
Linux Kernel Archives Linux International Linux v2 Information Headquarters
DragonLinux (runs on MS-DOS) REDHAT Linux Resources at ZDNet (PC Magazine, etc.)
SlashdotNews for Nerds. Stuff that Matters. freshmeat.net (Linux Software) Debian GNU-Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Debian-s390-port-strategyNEW Hercules and Linux-390NEW The Iron Penguin on LinuxWorld (Article on Linux port to IBM's S/390) by  Neale FergusonNEW
The x3270 Home PageNEW Enterprise Linux Magazine (Free Linux Magazine similar to ESJ)NEW VM Linux Manager (ISV Product to aid Linux/390 management)NEW
Linux on the IBM ESA-390 Mainframe ArchitectureNEW SuSE Linux Enterprise Server for S-390NEW TurboLinux for S/390NEW
Java-LinuxNEW Linux-390 on the P-390 (or R-390)NEW How to compile your own kernel on Linux/390NEW
Alphbetical Directory of Linux commands from O'REILLY NEW S-390 Vintage what I made(Bellussi Giorgio's tale of running Linux/390 on older mainframes)NEW Linux Documentation Project  Home NEW
The ComputerHelperGuy Cheap Linux CD(s) for a cool Canadian (You can buy Linux for PC CDs here)  NEW CheapBytes Home Page (Another place to get cheap Linux, BSD, etc. CD(s) ) NEW

390 Hercules Emulator and old Operating Systems (MVT, VM/370, MVS 3.8)

The Hercules System-370 and ESA-390 Emulator Official Home Page NEW hercules-390 Forum (Discussion group for Hercules S/390 emulator)NEW Introduction to Generating and Running OS-360 on Hercules (by Jay Maynard)
New Users Documentation Effort (only a little so far but growing)NEW Volker Bandke's Hercules Pages (including a great section on building Hercules under Windows)NEW Jay Moseley's Hercules Emulator PagesNEW 
Andy Norrie's VM/370 Distribution NEW Day by Day Hercules Performances (Ivan Warren's cool daily progress of Hercules Emulator performance) NEW
Mike's MVT Page at Core Store NEW schaefernet.de - Hercules Emulator Pages NEW Download MVT CD ImageNEW
Hercules and Linux-390NEW Hercules - IBM S-370 and ESA-390 Emulator Guide to installing TSO under MVT on HerculesNEW
The x3270 Home PageNEW MVT Download Alternate #2 MVT Download Alternate NEW
MVT & MVS 3.8 Downloads (FTP)NEW SNOBOL ResourcesNEW
Snipix Technologies Hercules (S/390 emulator runs on Linux) NEW Service Hax (Unofficial but fun & possibly useful patches for Hercules) NEW The legend of Hercules the Greek Hero NEW
zlib Home Site (compression library needed if you want to build Hercules with compressed DASD support) NEW
VMNET TCP/IP networking codeNEW Ordering information for MVS 3.8 5752-VS2NEW The Michigan 104 Page of OS CommandsNEW
Hercules under Windows running VM-370NEW Linux en S-390 y S390 en Linux - CeSPI-UNLP (OS/VS1 Download site by Rodolfo Cozzi)NEW Introduction to VM/370 (Adobe Acrobat .PDF 4M) NEW
IBM VM-370 Product Announcement (original IBM presentation materials for VM/370, announced officially on August 2, 1972)NEW

Mainframe related JOBS links

SPCI (Technical Recruiters you know.. Jobs for 390 folks)NEW America's Job Bank - job search engine - Jobs NEW