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CBT V497 Final Version  -  April - 29 - 2019 

The files are all packaged with PKZIP and are in EBCDIC so you download from here, unzip, upload as Binary (No EBCDIC to ASCII translation) to your mainframe to an FB80 data set.  Sequential files are suffixed .DATA and are ready to use after being uploaded (again as Binary). File 1 through 5, and 7, are the only files always not packaged with XMIT.  Files suffixed .XMI and are in XMIT format so you will need to do a TSO command RECEIVE INDATASET(???) where ??? is the file you upload to transform it back to usable PDS or sequential file.  You will need a utility to unzip (decompress) the .ZIP files and I suggest either 7-Zip (free) , WinZip , or RAR.

For latest versions of files that have been updated since the last tape version, please check the Updates page. It is advisable to check the Updates page BEFORE you check this page for the file number that you want, just to make sure you get the latest version of the code.

Need more help?  Having Trouble? See our download instructions.

File 1 on both the CBT and Overflow (COV) is a complete index and guide to what is on the tape so if you do not already have file 1 for the current version of the tape you will probably want to download it first.  It is available below in several formats so you can use the one that is most convenient. 

File001 - DIRECTORY  Download EBCDIC compressed .ZIP format for use on MVS NEW

File001 - DIRECTORY  Download ASCII compressed .ZIP format for use on PC  NEW

Download Xephon Magazines in PDF format: aix, cics, db2, mvs, mq, racf, sna NEW

View File 1 here as ASCII text. This is uncompressed .TXT which is very large so use one of the .ZIP versions if you can.NEW


View changes to CBT since last tape ASCII text (excerpt from File 1) NEW

Latest Updates V498 not incorporated in the Files Below - GET THE LATEST FILES HERE ... !!!

Files for the V497 Final Version are listed below....

List ALL files                 List only NEW files

File # 001 Detailed documentation of the CBT MVS Utilities Tape NEW
File # 003 JCL member to load each tape file to disk NEW
File # 006 Collection of Utilities to manipulate File 001 doc NEW
File # 008 File containing jobs used to create the CBT Tape NEW
File # 022 A collection of utilities from Mark Hedges NEW
File # 035 LOAD MODULE file - Quick install of useful programs NEW
File # 068 TSTVS - Console Editor and Dataset Utility-Rob Prins NEW
File # 134 Greg Price Utility collection - REVIEW, etc. NEW
File # 135 Greg Price Load Module library NEW
File # 182 PDS Command Package - Version - PDSE Support NEW
File # 185 IKJTABLS Source Code and Auth Table handling tools NEW
File # 247 Broadcast Manager Utilities to manage SYS1.BRODCAST NEW
File # 264 LOOK program, DUDASD and JLOG. LOOKN for 64-bit addr NEW
File # 299 TAPEMAP program - Reads tape files in many formats NEW
File # 312 Lionel Dyck Collection of Utilities. A thru R NEW
File # 313 Lionel Dyck Collection of Utilities. S thru TS NEW
File # 314 Lionel Dyck Collection of Utilities. TX thru Z NEW
File # 316 Jim Marshall's large collection of batch programs NEW
File # 353 Collection of programs from Brian Cook - ETPS etc. NEW
File # 406 CQX (purge all jobs with same name), & FIND TSO cmds NEW
File # 415 RPF TSO-based ISPF-like editor, etc. Vers 1.7.1 NEW
File # 434 Mark Zelden collection of Utilities and REXX execs NEW
File # 473 CHKASVT program to find non-reusable ASIDs. NEW
File # 483 Thomas Ramseier collection of Utilities NEW
File # 488 Jim Iannone Utilities for Production Control NEW
File # 489 Jim Iannone Utilities for Shared Medical Systems pkg NEW
File # 535 Powerful Concat, Alloc, Deconcat CMD from D.Sudibyo NEW
File # 536 CA-Xcom and CA-Dispatch Report Distribution Extension NEW
File # 542 Alastair Gray-replacement for MCNVTCAT, other tools NEW
File # 669 REXX function to save and preserve REXX variables NEW
File # 670 REXX math function package NEW
File # 684 Rick Fochtman's PDSUPDTE program and misc. exits etc. NEW
File # 731 IKJTSOxx Parmlib info-Display/Chg XMIT values-UCBDASD NEW
File # 770 Event Management System for Automation - Deru Sudibyo NEW
File # 797 LWATMGR, LLWA, TSUB. Fix your TSO session auth tables NEW
File # 804 TAPEMAP reworked with JUMP instructions NEW
File # 826 TSO command to make a job cancelable or non-swap etc. NEW
File # 830 XEPHON MVS articles from 07/1987 thru 12/1996 EBCDIC NEW
File # 835 Programs and REXX to display the PPT under ISPF & TSO NEW
File # 836 Xephon MVS Update programs gotten to work on z/OS NEW
File # 873 Macros for ULUT-based UCB scans. 64-bit ULUT, Type 3. NEW
File # 874 HELP members for some programs in the CBT collection NEW
File # 895 STEMEDIT update and related mods to File 183-R.Nowak NEW
File # 898 Alex Kara collected works NEW
File # 900 MD5 and SHAx calculation programs for MVS and z/OS NEW
File # 917 SELECTIT - Extremely powerful file manipulaton & copy NEW
File # 948 CICS and DB2 SMF execs - PDS2SEQ NEW
File # 951 GDGP Utility for GDG's from Nick Light NEW
File # 953 John Gateley macro library and utilities NEW
File # 967 CBT ISPF Usermods Collection (CIUC) NEW
File # 969 PDSEGEN multi-utility for PDSE v2 member generations NEW
File # 976 USYNC command: ADD/DEL userid entry in Broadcast DS NEW
File # 977 URL Table for MOSHIX YouTube Mainframe Videos NEW
File # 981 REXX Utilities from Larry Zuckett NEW
File # 982 JOL from Clement Clarke NEW
File # 983 Mainframe Software Installation Customizer (MSIC) NEW
File # 984 Ken Tomiak REXX execs NEW
File # 985 REXX execs from Marius Lewin NEW
File # 986 A TSO PUTLINE programming interface - W. Jensen NEW
File # 987 Programs from NaSPA VIP tape, fixed to run on z/OS NEW
File # 988 OS/360 Storage Zap - original program from S. Metz NEW
File # 989 FINDMEM package. Give member name, find the datasets NEW
File # 990 ISPF Developer Tips and Tricks - doc and code NEW

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