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MVS Turnkey CD V1

These are very large files and it may not be practical to successfully download them using low speed network connections.  These files are the first and only version to date of the MVT Turnkey CD produced by Jay Maynard to be handed out at the SHARE MVT Birthday Party.  This is a .ISO image you will need to UNRAR the .ISO and burn a CD or extract the contents using a program like WinImage or ISO Buster.

PLEASE TRY TO HELP RESOLVE AND REPORT BUGS.  You will need all four files.

 (40M compressed with RAR)

 (40M compressed with RAR)

 (40M compressed with RAR)

 (9M compressed with RAR)

RAR tests the integrity of the files but for anyone that wants to make an extra check here are the MD5 checksums 

MD5(mvt.part01.rar) = d093c0cb0c6fd4581663fd7df705d4e6
MD5(mvt.part02.rar) = 50aa2c4c88c2b7408b1112e796dfe19d
MD5(mvt.part03.rar) = c735c3770b70a25ab298b919e2d48acf
MD5(mvt.part04.rar) = 5f7b8e828d8731cdc0f15a0670e2e053

Here is the HTML Installation documentation that is on the CD.

The Turnkey MVT CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains a complete, runnable OS/360 MVT release 21.8F system. The system has all of the compilers (except, at this writing, the FORTRAN runtime library), TSO, TCAM, and HASP-II 4.0 retrofitted from OS/VS2 SVS. There are also copies of many modification tapes. Everything's set up for use under Hercules, copies of which for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X are also included.

The process used to generate the system is documented in Introduction to Generating and Running OS/360 on Hercules.


The following directories are on this CD:

  • os360mvt - The prebuilt OS/360 MVT system:
    • dasd - Compressed CKD DASD images
    • dasdsetup - Control files and other data for creation of the DASD images
    • haspjcl - JCL to build and install HASP
    • html - The Introduction document
    • jcl - JCL to build the MVT system
    • sample - Sample JCL for several IBM utilities and compilers
    • tapes - Modifications and program source tapes
  • os360 - Rick Fochtman's OS/360 distribution:
    • dlibs - Distribution libraries and sysgen macro source code
    • Loaders - Card image loaders
    • Reslibs - Loadable system residence volume libraries

    The srclibs directory of Rick's distribution has been removed because of space limitations. It can be found on the CBT CD-ROM.

In addition, a copy of The Wooden Paddle may be found in the root directory of this CD, as the filke woodenpaddle.pdf. The installable copies of hercules are in the root, as well.

This turnkey CD is not as turnkey as the excellent version for MVS that Volker Bandke has made. You'll have to do the work of installing Hercules and the MVT system yourself. Fortunately, this isn't hard; a description of the process may be found here.

14 Feb 2003: NOTE: While HASP is included in the pregenerated system, it does not currently work. Any job that requests SYSOUT will ABEND with an S200. It's included, nevertheless, because I suspect the problem is easily fixed by someone more experienced with it than I am, and so that those who want to play with the system will have a real-life example of what systems programmers of the 1970s had to go through.

Jay Maynard, jmaynard@conmicro.cx 




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