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These files are pending updates to the CBT tape. They may be updated again before the next version of the collection is created. You are welcome to have them as is. These files are generally as ready to use as the files incorporated in a CBT "tape" distribution and ones which are not, we will make an effort to clearly identify as beta or test releases by the author. Very recent updates are indicated by an asterisk at the end. Frequently changed files may have a three-digit Julian date at the end.      

CBT V503 pre-release Updates - last update - Jan 22, 2022


File # 008 Jobs used to create the previous CBT Tape version * NEW
File # 029 Cook Book instructions to Enlarge the VTOC of a pack* NEW
File # 035 LOAD MODULE file - Quick install of useful programs * NEW
File # 043 The Official CBT Dialog for easy access to all files* NEW
File # 068 TSTVS - Console Editor and Dataset Utility-Rob Prins* NEW
File # 135 Greg Price Load Module library * NEW
File # 182 PDS Command Package--Version Support * NEW
File # 300 Jim Marshall's enormous collection of TSO programs * NEW
File # 312 Lionel Dyck Collection of Utilities. A thru R * NEW
File # 414 Convert printouts from machine control to ANSI * NEW
File # 415 RPF TSO-based ISPF-like editor, etc. Vers 1.9.1 * NEW
File # 433 Frank Clarke's collection of REXX execs, etc. * NEW
File # 434 Mark Zelden collection of Utilities and execs * NEW
File # 500 MVS & z/OS Automation ECF V23-Event Capture Facility* NEW
File # 801 Create Browseable Bar Charts in Silverlight format * NEW
File # 870 HTTP REXX scripts from Rick Turnbull * NEW
File # 876 ALGOL F v2.1 source and executables from T.Armstrong* NEW
File # 889 Hercules 3.08 - 64 bit for Windows+Hyperion 4.4 etc * NEW
File # 899 TSO command DACEE - Display and Format an ACEE * NEW
File # 961 Additional ISPF Edit and View commands,Yves Colliard* NEW
File # 969 PDSEGEN multi-utility for PDSE v2 member generations* NEW
File # 985 REXX Execs from Marius Lewin * NEW
File # 997 ISPF Git Interface - ZIGI * NEW
File # 1021 Steve Myers' improved program to make block letters * NEW
File # 1022 Glenn Siegel automation process for IBM SCRT report * NEW
File # 1023 REXX Xreference Utility from Richard Humphris * NEW
File # 1024 Utilities from Lennie Dymoke-Bradshaw * NEW
File # 1025 Batch DSLIST program from Steve Myers * NEW

CBT Overflow Tape pre-release Updates


File # 001 Detailed documentation of the CBT MVS Overflow Tape NEW
File # 003 JCL member to load each tape file to disk NEW
File # 083 LISP for MVS - moved from CBT File 476 NEW
File # 300 HSM/SMS front-end and DCOLLECT tool - from F. Alber NEW
File # 303 SLAC Mods Update Source to Base Assembler H Version 2 NEW
File # 311 Cross System Mtnence Doc for CICS - From CBT File 211 NEW
File # 313 Cross System Mtnence Doc for DB2 - From CBT File 213 NEW
File # 314 Spool Display Facility for JES3 NEW

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